Cannabis Care Cannabis & CBD Affiliate Program

Cannabis Care Cannabis and CBD Affiliate/Referral Program.

Cannabis & CBD Affiliate Progam.

Refer Us Customers, Earn Money.

Making money as an affiliate is simple. When you send new paying customers our way, we give you a commission.

We offer generous 15% commissions, 90-day tracking cookies.

Earn money or store credit.

Who Can Become An Affiliate?

While we sell exclusively to Canadians, anyone age 19+ anywhere in the world can become an affiliate.

How Can I Promote My Affiliate Links?

There are all kinds of ways you can refer us customers and earn commissions!

  • Link to us on your website in a blog post, article, or review
  • Use some banner ads from the library that we provide for our affiliates
  • Share your links on social media, or in your YouTube video descriptions
  • Email your subscribers
  • Share your link with friends and family
  • Recommend one of our products specifically, and link to that.

How Are Payments Issued?

We issue payments via E-transfer. If you require other options, please let us know.

How Are Sales Tracked?

When you sign up with us as an affiliate, you can generate custom links to our site that contain a unique tracking code. You can link to our homepage, or to any product category or product!

Whenever anyone follows one of your links and makes a purchase (within 60 days of following a link), you’ll be credited with that referral. Signing up as an affiliate takes just 30 seconds and you can start referring people immediately after.

Please note: Affiliates cannot earn commission on their own orders (self-referrals)

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