CBD And Alzheimers

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The only way to consider CBD for Alzheimer’s is under the recommendations of, and supervision of, a medical doctor. You must consult with a doctor if you are suffering from Alzheimer’s and are wondering if CBD is right for you.

The world health organization reports that Alzheimer’s disease is the most prevalent form of dementia and that it contributes to about 60 percent of cases worldwide. At the moment, 50 million people in the world have dementia, and an average of 10 million cases is reported every year.

What is Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer is a neurodegenerative disorder that is associated with mental decline and eventual neuronal loss. Most of the patients that have Alzheimer’s are elderly, often between 65 and 80 years old. The condition results from various factors, and genetics is one of them. Although the condition worsens with time, the symptoms are similar throughout the illness. They include memory loss, aggressive behavior, speech difficulty, psychosis, and depression.

During the last stages, full-time care is needed. This is because the patients usually lose their ability to converse correctly and react to their environment. Alzheimer’s is a common cause of death, and the expected lifespan after diagnosis is four to eight years. If your patient has Alzheimer’s disease, you will be happy to know the CBD oil benefits for Alzheimer’s.

Can CBD Help In Treating Alzheimer’s?

For a long time now, Alzheimer’s disease has been known to be incurable, but recent research shows that there is a chance that CBD cures Alzheimer’s. The compound is non-psychoactive, and it is derived from cannabis. Alzheimer’s disease patients are now taking CBD to reduce memory impairments, protect brain cells, reduce inflammation, and slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s. If you don’t know how to use CBD for Alzheimer patients, here is a guide to follow.

How CBD Treats Alzheimer’s Disease

Research shows that CBD oil for Alzheimer’s disease deals with two main factors of the condition, which are tau tangles and beta-amyloid protein plagues. Doing so lessens the symptoms of severity and lowers the progression of the illness. It ensures the increased quality of life for the patients.

CBD Oil As A Preventative Measure

Considering that Alzheimer’s disease is progressive without any cure at the moment, the most crucial goal is to avert its progression. The more the condition worsens, so does the patient’s quality of life as well as the life expectancy. One of the goals of using CBD oil for Alzheimer’s disease is to obstruct this progression.

The disease’s progression usually results from beta-amyloid, inflammation, and the formation of tau tangles. Each of these aspects contributes in its way to the death of brain tissues and nerve cells.

Several types of research on CBD and Alzheimer’s have concluded that CBD has neuroprotective properties. This is what gives neurons a better chance of survival against the tau tangles and beta-amyloid. They activate CBD receptors in the brain. After activation, the tau collapses are prevented, which increases their stability and maintains it for longer. More studies on CBD oil Alzheimer’s are necessary for its proper use.

Another reason for the progression is oxidation. Oxidative stress increases in a patient’s brain, and it disrupts the normal functioning of mitochondria in the cells. Mitochondria are cells in the digestive tract that generate energy. You can use THC and CBD together for Alzheimer’s because they have antioxidant properties. When the compounds eliminate radicals in your body, they will lower the oxidative stress and consequently enable your cells to function normally again.

CBD Helps The Brain Heal

Although the effects of Alzheimer’s disease are considered irreversible, a certain extent of healing is achievable. CBD ensures a higher survival rate against the deteriorating compounds resulting from dementia such as tau tangles and amyloid plaques. Besides addressing the issue, CBD supports the natural healing mechanism of the brain. It creates new nervous tissues and prevents the brain from shrinking, thus enhancing cognitive function.

CBD Reduces And Prevents Inflammation

When the beta-amyloid plagues develop, they result in inflammation. The immune system increases the extent of inflammation by sending anti-inflammatory chemicals to the site of the attack. This leads to severe damage and eventual death of the brain cells. Considering that worsening inflammation increases disease progression, reducing inflammation is the primary concern in treatment. That is why CBD for Alzheimer’s is imperative.

CBD activates the CB2 receptors, which are found in immune cells and are responsible for regulating the system’s response. Therefore, it prevents the release of inflammatory cells and eventually accelerates the death of the existing ones. With the inflammation in check, CBD can now get rid of the beta-amyloid plague.

· CBD removes beta-amyloid

Beta-amyloid is the primary compound responsible for cell damage and increased inflammation in dementia patients. CBD removes it from the system, which helps the cell to thrive. It also increases the levels of endocannabinoids, which protects the body from exposure to beta-amyloid. Besides removing the toxic protein, it also prevents its return. That is why there is a significant relationship between Alzheimer’s and CBD.

The best CBD dosage for Alzheimer’s disease

Look into the use of CBD for Alzheimer’s disease is still ongoing. Although more research is required on the subject, certain conclusions have been made. For instance, one study showed that the right CBD oil dosage for Alzheimer’s is 10 to 20 mg in a day for every 2.23 pounds of the human body. Some evidence also shows that patients should try the best THC to CBD ratio for Alzheimer’s disease. Using THC and CBD together for Alzheimers have proven to be highly potent. If you don’t know how much CBD to take for Alzheimer’s disease, you should consider consulting a CBD expert.

Whole plant vs. CBD isolate

When asked to choose between the entire plant and isolate, many people ask; which CBD is best for Alzheimer’s? An isolate refers to the oil that has been extracted from the hemp plant, with no other cannabinoids. This means that you enjoy the bare-bone advantages that the compound offers. Therefore, the best CBD oil for Alzheimer’s would be the full spectrum one.

It is no doubt that there is a strong link between CBD oil and Alzheimer’s disease that goes undisputed. So, what’s the best CBD oil for Alzheimer’s? I’d say charlotte’s web CBD for Alzheimer’s is a fantastic product that you should try.