CBD And Bladder Cancer

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Bladder cancer affects tens of thousands of people every year. While it can affect a person of any age or gender, it typically affects adult males the most. The disease occurs when urothelial cells within the bladder start to mutate. The cells can mutate anywhere within the bladder itself, or they can mutate within the urinary tract tubes. Thankfully, bladder cancer has a very high cure rate, as it is typically diagnosed in the very earliest stage. The symptoms for the disease when it first occurs usually include blood in the urine or hematuria, pain while urinating, or light to severe pelvic pain or discomfort.

CBD and Bladder Cancer Prevention

A recent Israeli study has shown that regular CBD and marijuana users are 45 percent less likely to develop bladder cancer than the average population. It is not fully understood why this is, so much more research is needed in order to draw more comprehensive conclusions. Due to the fact that CBD compounds are still active when they reach the bladder, some scientists have concluded that the CBD might cause a strong anti-inflammatory reaction within the tissues of the bladder and the urinary tract. CBD for bladder cancer shows huge promise and the decades ahead are very exciting.

Does CBD Help With Bladder Cancer

Outside of bladder cancer prevention, CBD oil can definitely have positive effects on anyone suffering from the disease already. CBD oil for bladder cancer treatment has shown to decrease nausea associated with chemotherapy. CBD oil for bladder cancer has also shown to reduce pelvic pain, as the CBD binds with CB2 neuroreceptors and triggers a strong release of dopamine in the brain. For those of you unfamiliar with dopamine, it is a neurochemical known for its pain suppression effects. CBD bladder cancer is also known to encourage healing in the diseased bladder tissues. CBD’s strong anti-inflammatory effects can create an environment within your bladder and urinary tract that are far more conducive to healing than they would otherwise be.

How to Use CBD Oil For Bladder Cancer

Using CBD oil for bladder cancer is extremely easy, however, you should consult with a certified physician or oncologist first. Bladder cancer sufferers typically take CBD oil in pill or capsule form, or they take CBD droplets placed under the tongue. If CBD oil is taken orally then that means many of the anti-cancer properties of the CBD will come into contact with the diseased tissues of the urinary tract or bladder. Once in contact with these diseased tissues, they can promote an environment within the tissues that can inhibit further cancer development. CBD oil dosage for bladder cancer is something that you will need to discuss with your doctor. The proper dosage can widely vary depending on the type of treatment you plan to pursue. The dossage of CBD for bladder cancer also needs to consider any other types of medication that you are taking and how the CBD oil will interact with those medications.

Why is CBD so Powerful

CBD is an extract taken from the hemp or cannabis plant. Despite coming from the same plant as marijuana, CBD is non-psychoactive. In other words, it can be taken safely and you don’t have to worry about getting high at all. CBD has a unique way of interacting with the endocannabinoid system, binding with the CB2 neuroreceptors to encourage the body and brain to enter a healing modality. The CB2 neuroreceptors when triggered release powerful anti-inflammatory effects throughout the whole body, encouraging the healing of cancerous and other diseased tissues. If you suffer from any pain associated with bladder cancer, the dopamine release triggered by taking CBD can also have an all-natural pain relieving effect. It is very rare for someone to suffer from negative side effects from the use of CBD, so for that reason, it is often preferred over more traditional over the counter or prescription based medications.