Honey Oil

What Is Honey Oil?

Honey oil is a term that is used to describe an extracted form of certain marijuana components that can be purchased as a concentrate that has the same amber hue as regular honey. The process of producing honey oil involves numerous different methods with the same purpose of extracting the THC element from the plant in the form of oil. All processes to make honey oil yield a selective separation of the solid marijuana plant matter from the oil in the plant.

What Is Honey Oil Used For?

Honey oil is used for the same reasons that individuals use original marijuana bud. Some individuals use it as a medical treatment for a wide array of ailments and pain, and others use it recreationally. However, honey oil is more convenient to use and consume than your traditional form of picked marijuana plant buds. Honey oil allows for numerous different methods of consumption that are otherwise unfeasible with the solid matter contained within the original marijuana plant bud.

Variations Of Honey Oil

Honey oil variations are dependent upon the method of which is used to separate the oil from the solid marijuana plant matter. Most methods utilize a form of solvent to pull the oil from the solid components of the marijuana plant. One significant benefit of producing honey oil is that no part of the marijuana plant goes wasted because the process of extraction can utilize all components of the plant matter. Even cast-off material, trim, and shake can be used to produce honey oil. It is important to note that cannabis oil is different from cannabis honey oil. Cannabis oil is made by heating the plant bud in a type of existing oil like olive oil to produce an edible or cooking oil product.

Alcohol Honey Oil And ISO Honey Oil

When a solvent of isopropyl alcohol is used to pull the oil components from the solid plant matter, the resultant product is called ISO honey oil. When the extraction process is complete, the isopropyl alcohol that resides in the solution is left to evaporate into the air. Ethanol is a more pure form of alcohol that also may be used in a similar process to produce what is referred to as alcohol honey oil.

CBD Honey Oil And THC Honey Oil

THC honey oil is a term that encompasses all forms of honey oil that are produced with a strain of the marijuana plant that contains THC within it. However, the same processes that separate the solid material of the marijuana plant from its oils can be used on a type of marijuana that has a zero THC count. This form of honey oil is referred to as CBD honey oil and can be produced using the bud or hemp part of a marijuana plant.

CO2 Honey Oil

CO2 or Carbon Dioxide is a form of supercritical fluid or a substance that has the capability to break apart or separate materials when it is manipulated into an intermediate state that falls between gas, solid, and liquid. The process of using CO2 to produce CO2 honey oil involves the use of equipment that creates extreme pressures and temperatures to alter the state of the CO2. The benefit of using Carbon Dioxide to produce honey oil is that it is more natural and safer to consume than honey oil produced by other means.

Butane Honey Oil

BHO honey oil or butane honey oil is a term that is used to describe honey oil that has been produced using a solvent called butane. Butane is a form of petroleum that is utilized in tools like lighters, camping equipment, and backyard cooking. Butane is highly flammable, so making butane honey oil can be dangerous. The evaporation process to remove butane from the final product usually involves the use of heat for those who do not want to wait for it to evaporate naturally. While butane honey oil may be the most dangerous to produce, it is one of the most potent forms of honey oil.

How To Use Honey Oil

There are many ways that honey oil can be consumed, with each method producing different effects and having differing degrees of convenience. Smoking honey oil is the most straightforward way to consume it and can be done without any specialized equipment that wouldn’t be used to smoke the bud of the plant. Specialized equipment is available that makes the process of consuming honey oil more convenient, like a honey oil pipe and a honey oil rig. Additionally, a honey oil syringe is a prepared form of honey oil that is already active and can be consumed orally or sublingually without the use of heat.

Vaping Honey Oil

A honey oil vaporizer, honey oil vape, honey oil vape pen, and honey oil pen are terms that are used to refer to tools that are similar to an e-cigarette cartridge, tobacco vaporizer, or a vape pen. These tools are utilized to inhale the vapor fumes that are produced from the honey oil. A honey oil syringe can be used to place the honey oil in one of these cartridges or devices. Another form of vaporizing honey oil is referred to as dabbing or honey oil dabs. Dabbing honey oil is a method of consumption that involves the use of a curved glass pipe, large nail, and a butane torch to inhale honey oil that instantly vaporizes when it is heated to a certain temperature.

Comparing Honey Oil

Honey Oil vs Hash Oil

Hash oil is the closest alternative to honey oil, as it is just a less refined and less concentrated version of honey oil. The consistency of both hash oil and honey oil resembles a thick liquid.

Honey Oil vs Wax

Wax is a form of marijuana extract that may also be referred to as crumble and budder because it has a more solid consistency than honey oil. Wax is made very similar to the way that honey oil is made, but with the addition of a whipping motion to add air to the substance so that it will cool into a more solid form.

Honey Oil vs Shatter

Shatter is very similar in composition to honey oil, but it has a different consistency. Shatter can be hard and snap apart, or it can be more of a taffy consistency. Shatter is as pure as honey oil, as they both are translucent and wax forms are cloudy and agitated.

Cherry Oil vs Honey Oil

Cherry oil is honey oil that has a red-colored tint to it because it skips a step in the production process. Cherry oil is made from ether and does not go through the winterization process that honey oil goes through. Therefore, cherry oil contains plant fats, chlorophyll, and plant waxes when honey oil does not.


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