Fruity Pebbles (Hybrid) 22.31%THC


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Strain Info

Strain Name: Fruity Pebbles
Grade: AAAA-
THC Potency: 22.31% THC – POTENT!
Type: Hybrid
Burn: Smooth burning, clean white ash. Appears to be well flushed.
Primary Aromas:

Info: Fruity Pebbles testing out at 22.31% THC is a Hybrid strain which is made up of 55% Indica genetics and 45% Sativa genetics. This strain was created by Alien Genetics by crossing four select strains being Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, Tahoe OG, and Alien Kush.

Consumers using this product report it being a mild and relaxing, body buzz, which is clear headed giving way to increased focus and concentration. This strain would be good for anxiety, depression, aggression, and pain. This may also help with mild insomnia due to the relaxing nature of the buzz.

THC levels on this strain are quite high ranging between 18 – 28% THC making this a very strong product. We would suggest using this product with caution with moderate smokers, at least until you have a feel of the effects. Fruity Pebbles would be suited for both daytime and evening use.

The buds on this strain are very dense, and tightly stacked. Glittering from the layer of trichomes which coat the green and orange flower, which sometimes has purple hues. Upon inhaling this product you will experience an earthy, yet spicy flavor which is followed by mild citrus and piney notes.

Lab Data:

Sample submitted: “Fruity Pebbles” dried cannabis flowers.
Visual Inspection: Free from visible contamination and foreign matter.

Activated vs non-activated: activated cannabinoids are non-acidic (neutral) and are the form utilized by the human brain/ body. Activation occurs via heating (smoking, vaporizing, cooking). Cannabinoids in the natural plant are acidic (non-activated) and need to be converted to their neutral form in order to be utilized by the human body. Therefore one would expect fresh cannabis buds to contain mainly non-activated cannabinoids. Processed materials (baked goods, heated extracts) should be higher in the activated forms.

Absent Cannabinoids: if a cannabinoid or terpene is blank, it is not necessarily absent but below the limit of detection by the detector (usually less than 0.01%).

•when reporting totals, acidic cannabinoids are multiplied by 0.877 to account for loss of mass from decarboxylation upon heating (activating)

2010PURA0211.0681 – Cannabis Care – Fruity Pebbles

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