OG Kush Smalls (Greenhouse) (Hybrid)

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Strain Info

Strain Name: OG Kush
Type: hybrid
Grade: AAA
Nose:  AAAA – Pine & citrus lemony aroma, with deep woody undertones.
Taste:  AAAA – strong pine notes with mild lemon flavor. Very tasty
Burn:  AAAA – Smooth burning with a nice clean Ash. Well flushed.
Visual: AAAA Nice green medium sized and small popcorn sized buds which is very common in this strain. Product is well trimmed with nice colour and visible crystal. Stem snaps, product is dried properly

Info: OG Kush is a world famous strain. It is most commonly believed to have been a hybrid of a male plant that was a cross of Old World Paki Kush with Lemon Thai and a female Chemdawg plant. The baby became OG kush. It was stabilized as a strain in California, but much of its history is still hotly debated – such as what ‘OG’ stands for. Some of the possibilities are ‘ocean grown’, ‘outdoor grown’, ‘organically grown’ and even ‘original gangster’  but at least everyone agrees it is a great tasting and nice smelling flower. It is, however,  a hard to grow strain. Though some advanced growers have been able to get impressive yields, that is not the norm for the average grower of this strain as it often produces smaller buds with lower yields than most average crops. As a result it is considered a risk for most growers and they tend to put their investment in safer, easier to grow, high yielding strains. This leaves OG Kush in constant high demand with a moderate supply in a marketplace that craves its fantastic medical uses, great flavour and strength.

OG Kush used to be a clone-only strain of marijuana OG Kush may seem a little light when it comes to veg, but flowers fully. This strain of marijuana OG Kush can give you a good yield if you take the time to super crop the plant while it’s growing. It’s best grown indoors using a hydroponic setup.

When grown properly, OG Kush weed has the largest concentrate of THC out of all the kush strains available. It’s said that it’s so strong that it can make your teeth hurt after you smoke a bowl. OG Kush weed is comparative to a great cup of coffee, making it the perfect pick-me-up after a long, tiring day. This is definitely not something you want to smoke right before bed, as it’ll keep you up.

The OG Kush history is pretty simple. OG Kush history starts in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. This is considered to be the strain that put So Co’s buds on the same level as flowers that came from up North. OG Kush was developed over years of stabilizing, finding the perfect fertilizer for its particular strain, and three generations. All the hard work resulted in what can only be called one hell of a phenomenal strain; Kush. It is highly regarded as the strongest Indica on the market today.

What are The OG Kush Genetics? The OG Kush genetics are as follows:

Origins: SFV Strain x Los Angeles Kush
Flowering: /- 60 days
Harvest: Mid-September

These are what make the OG Kush strain, the OG Kush strain we know and love today. Years of effort and experiments from studious growers. It has beautiful, deep, dark green buds. And is as tantalizing to look at as it is to smoke.

The OG Kush effects aren’t what you might expect. A few of the OG Kush effects are increased heart rate, feeling reinvigorated physically and emotionally euphoric. Those who suffer from stress disorders, migraines, and ADHD/ADD will likely find relief with OG Kush. There are other uses for medical OG Kush as well, including:

  • insomnia
  • pain
  • anxiety
  • nausea
  • stomach issues

It should be noted that it is also used to help treat depression very effectively. This delicious strain is truly both a medical wonder and a real treat.

Of course, you can always look around for similar, cheaper strains, but you won’t find a kush or indica strain as powerful and enjoyable as this one. Whether you’re hoping to add a little extra pep in your step, or you’re desperate to find relief from stress and migraines, this strain is perfect for you.

About This Strain’s Parents

  • Lemon Thai flowers typically produce a THC content of around 20%. It’s not a relaxing strain. It provides a focused high that is both happy and energetic. It can help with pain, appetite loss, and depression.
  • Chemdawg is a potent one! It’s effects often come and fast and last a long time. It gives a happy and cerebral high combined with relaxing body high. Good for stress, pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more. A great hybrid strain!

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