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Strain Info

Strain Name: Purple Kush
Type: Indica
Grade: AAAA
Nose:  AAAA – Sweet and earthy
Taste:  AAAA – hints of spice and grape
Burn:  AAAA – Smooth burning with a very clean Ash. Appears to be well flushed.
Visual: AAAA – Small to medium buds with a nice dusting of tricomes. Overall has a nice haircut. Stem snaps, product is dried properly

Info: Purple Kush is an Oakland, California cross of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Mental euphoria combined with physical relaxation makes this a popular strain. The high can be long-lasting, extending to 3 hours. Highly recommended for body pain, muscle relaxation, mood elevation, appetite stimulation, and sleep aid at higher dosages.


Sample submitted: “Purple Kush” dried cannabis flowers.
Visual Inspection: Free from visible contamination and foreign matter.

Cannabis Potency Summary Table:
Three tests of each sample were analysed and summarised below:

Cannabinoid Identified

% by weight


THC (activated)



THC-Acid (not activated)



*THC total (THC-Acid THC)



CBD (activated)

CBD-Acid (not activated)

CBG (activated)

CBG-Acid (not activated)



THCV (activated)

THCV-Acid (not activated)



Activated Cannabinoid Total:



Alpha Pinene





Beta Myrcene



Beta Pinene



Alpha Terpinene








Gamma Terpinene

Sabinene Hydrate






Endo Fenchyl Alcohol








Alpha Terpineol





Geraniol Acetate

Beta Caryophyllene



Alpha Humulene











Caryophyllene Oxide


Alpha Phelladrene


Alpha Bisabolol




Terpene total



•when reporting totals, acidic cannabinoids are multiplied by 0.877 to account for loss of mass from decarboxylation upon heating (activating)

Activated vs non-activated: activated cannabinoids are non-acidic (neutral) and are the form utilized by the human brain/ body. Activation occurs via heating (smoking, vaporizing, cooking). Cannabinoids in the natural plant are acidic (non-activated) and need to be converted to their neutral form in order to be utilized by the human body. Therefore one would expect fresh cannabis buds to contain mainly non-activated cannabinoids. Processed materials (baked goods, heated extracts) should be higher in the activated forms.

Absent Cannabinoids: if a cannabinoid or terpene is blank, it is not necessarily absent but below the limit of detection by the detector (usually less than 0.01%).

More About Purple Kush

PK, first bred in California for legal medicinal use, is the beautiful offspring of proud parents Hindu Kush and purple-variety Afghani. It is widely known for its gorgeous color and delicious taste, providing a strong full-body high due to its 100% indica genetic history. Those who indulge enjoy feelings of deep contentment, without the hyperactive sensations associated with sativa strains. PK contains 17% to 27% thc and has received high acclaim for its potency as a hybrid indica. This content rivals even that of its legendary cousin OG Kush, a wildly popular sativa-dominant strain.

PK enjoys a high reputation across the US and Canada, and has even inspired imitation strains such as Las Vegas Purple kush. However, nothing quite compares to the original, and for guaranteed relaxation after a long and stressful day, this strain can’t be beat. Without compromising taste, PK remains faithful to its genetic origins. This strain has been carefully cultivated since the early days of medicinal marijuana growing, and still never fails to impress with its flashy display of purple, green and orange.

Flowers are medium-sized with fat, dense buds that resemble popcorn after curing. Buds tend to take on a green and purple appearance, with some phenotypes producing entirely purple samples. Thanks to selective breeding of its parent strain, the purple-variety Afghani, colder growing conditions promote the intensity of Deep Purple hues. This temperature change activates the plant’s pigmentation cells, producing the attractive and vibrant colors associated with kush strains. Pistils develop in a beautiful and bold orange, contributing to an overall fun and inviting neon appearance.

Purple Kush, like other indica kush, can create great quantities of sticky resin, used to make very powerful concentrates such as hash or wax. Abundant trichomes give the plant a dew-glazed look that’s sure to entice even the most seasoned smokers. Odors may range from subtle and earthy to distinctive and aromatic. These buds promise extraordinary taste, boasting a musky, slightly fruity flavor comparable to sweet grapes. Upon exhaling, one may notice a pleasant sugary taste like that of juice or flavored cough syrup. Heavy coughing may be expected for less experienced users who aren’t used to the hash-like smoke produced by Purple kush.

This strain offers the quintessential indica high, easing users into a calm and relaxed physical state. Unlike some hybridized strains that cause disorientation and sudden head highs, Purple Kush offers a smooth transition into a dreamy, psychedelic state. This strain is best enjoyed before bedtime due to its sedating effects. It is also a very effective pain reliever, encouraging restful sleep and alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety as well. Purple Kush is ideal for anyone suffering from nerve damage, Chronic pain, muscle spasms or insomnia. These properties should come as no surprise, considering the plant’s long-standing reputation in the medicinal marijuana community. The average high duration to be expected is about two to three hours.

Purple Kush, like most indica strains, grows short and wide rather than long and tall. Growing indoors is recommended, as conditions can be more efficiently controlled and monitored this way. In addition, several plants may occupy relatively limited space, since they rarely grow taller than three feet. Directly prior to harvesting, brief exposure to cold temperatures will bring out the purple hues passed down from Afghani, giving plants a truly eye-catching, colorful appearance. Growers should take caution when applying this step; if exposed to cold too early, plants will yield considerably smaller or fewer buds. When cultivated indoors, plants can be expected to flower within eight weeks. For outdoor growing, average flowering times tend to fall around late September.

For curing, simply hanging the buds for around seven days in a temperature-controlled room at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% humidity will do the trick. Afterwards, dried buds may be sealed in airtight containers and kept at the same temperature, with humidity adjusted to 60%. Purple Kush yields a respectable 37 grams, or about 1.3 ounces, per square foot of plant when grown under appropriate conditions.

Purple Kush is a time-tested strain worthy of the respect it has garnered, thanks to years of dedication from growers and an impressive pedigree. Among indica strains of cannabis, it stands out with an extraordinary palette and a flavor reminiscent of delicious Grape Soda. Compared to lower grade strains, thc content may be up to twice as high, making an order of Purple Kush a very cost-effective choice for both recreational and medicinal users. For those seeking beautiful buds, highly visible trichomes, great taste and stunning potency, Purple Kush satisfies every need of cannabis enthusiasts with an appreciation for quality.

Purple Kush Indica is a strain of cannabis developed by crossing Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. It is a fully Indica strain that demonstrates all of the Indica traits. Purple Kush is often a combination of green and purple. The purple coloring develops as a reaction to cold. This form of kush is often explicitly grown to bring out the purple coloring for Marketing purposes. This form of cannabis tends to grow wide rather than tall. It is very sticky with a heavy concentration of trichomes and has a signature popcorn bud. The THC levels are between 17 and 27% making this a strong Indica strain.

Purple Kush has an earthy sweet scent. It is known as one of the sweetest forms of cannabis. When smoked, the inhale has earthy tones with an unmistakable grape taste to it. The exhale is a very sugary-sweet berry. The sweetness can at times be intense enough to resemble cough syrup or grape candy of some sort and is a favorite in some circles.

At first, Purple Kush relaxes the whole body creating a deep sense of physical calm. Often, a sense of serenity, happiness, and even euphoria accompanies the physical relaxation. As the effects settle in, they create an increasingly slow contentedness that permeates mind and body. Often those who use this strain of cannabis feel sleepy, but it does not put them to sleep. Purple Kush Indica also has excellent pain relief properties that work best when used to wind down at night.

This strain of indica has painful stinging smoke. Exhalation usually causes higher levels of dry eyes and dry mouth. Purple Kush is also known to have some psychedelic effects. These effects tend not to be strong, but they can add a surreal or novel angle to the experience. There are also some uncommon effects such as anxiety, dizziness, and headache.

This form of cannabis provides a medium level of difficulty for growers. It tends to be a hardy plant following its indica predecessors, but it is not the best plant for beginners. It produces a medium yield and has a relatively short harvest cycle. This harvest cycle lasts about eight weeks. Its signature purple coloring can be achieved by using the cold to shock the plant into taking on that purple coloration towards the end of its growth cycle.

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